lunes, 9 de julio de 2012

the last one D:

I don’t know too many thing of my career (that is too sad xD), but even if you don’t study psychology you MUST know who is Sigmund Freud. I don’t admire him, is just like a symbol of this discipline… for good or for bad :)

Freud has born the 6 of May of 1856, on Moravia (actual Czech Republic). After 4 year, he and his family moved to Viena, it is here where he lived all his life until his exile. He created the psychoanalysis, a big change to our discipline. By his own words, the Unconscious is the thirst knock to the mankind, after Copérnico and Darwin… he was an egomaniac person, maybe xD
In my opinion, he was obsessed with the sexual part, all happened because the sexual drive. He considered the children like “polymorphic wicked” and see the kids like that are a little too hard.
What I considered the most important of his theory is the conception of the dream, that you see the entire thing that you repress on you psychic system… I think that is fascinate !

I don’t have anything more to say… so good bye! Thinks for reading and we see on English 4 ( I hope *-*)

Bye dear classmates!

jueves, 5 de julio de 2012

Vamos dibujando el camino (8)

Talk about my favourite artist? Well, I’ve a confession to do:  I always hear say everybody that this music is better than other, and stuff like this. I don’t know too much about it... I grew up listening Cristian Castro xDD So, If I like one song, no matters its style, i’ll listened (:

That is why I like Queen’s songs and David Guetta’Songs... I’ve my limits too: No Justin Bieber or bands of cute boy xdd that is too much, even to me.

This opportunity, I choose 2 artists: Calle 13 and Sin Bandera.
First, the romantic part, I’ll talk about Sin Bandera. This group was composed of a Mexican singer, Leonel García, and an Argentinean singer, Noel Schajris. They made six albums and a lot of romantic and beautiful songs *-* I was little when start to like me :) and all of us know almost one song of them... everybody! xdd they split up on 2007...
My favourite song is “Que me alcance la vida”, of the thirst album “Mañana”. This song was the “soundtrack” (something likes that) of my two graduations... we dedicate it to our parents and I think that it’s so beautiful and emotive. .. it makes me cry :’(
On the other hand, I introduces to you Calle 13. This time, this group is composed of René Pérez, calls Residente *-* <3, and Eduardo Cabrá, Visitante. They make urban music, from dancing songs to song about poorness. The lyrics of their song are so deep and realistic, this world sucks and they say it...The truth is that I love Residente *-* he is perfect <3
This time I’ll show you “Latinoamérica”. I hear it one time and again, and again, and again... I love it: what they say, the rhythm makes you fly or something like that *-* (is too high what I’m saying? xD) 

I put here the video of Latinoamérica, I hope you enjoy it! :D

jueves, 28 de junio de 2012


Omg! Is this post like a “goodbye”? It’s too sad! D:

Sincerely, at first, I didn’t like too much this idea. I’m not creative and don’t remember all what I learn in school. So, it was veeery difficult! I mean, I didn’t used to do my own homework… My best friend did it for me, sometime she did just a half or checked my work. Now she study something with English, I don’t know actually xddd

I believe that I really learn something, maybe not like school, when you memorized a lot of word and you don’t remember anything. But here, I incorporate different words that I didn’t know.  Besides, now we write 200 words and we start with 150 words, right? And we have the same time! I mean, al first it took us more than one hour. In things like this I can see that I really improved my English, not too much, but I do what I can :)
It was funny read my classmate’s post and what we have in common. And it’s a different way of learning, a practical way: I must find different topics or subjects and put it in here in English! I’m still don’t believe it xd

Thinks miss :) 

jueves, 21 de junio de 2012

Flowers, Flower everywhere! :D

My favorite season is spring. I’m not doubt it at all.
Actually, I have to make an explanation: I love “old spring”, I mean when the days was nice, not too hot or too cold; you feel a gentle and nice breeze; at day, you could use a simple jacket and, at the night, was cold enough to get a lovely hug ;)
Now all the seasons are different! D: one time you feel too much cold, like freezing and the next day you can’t stand the heat! It’s horrible ><
Although, there thing of each seasons that I prefer in particular. For example, I love the rain, especially at night, when you are trying to fall asleep. I like those hot day (but not too hot! xd) but there is a breeze and you not feel the heat… it’s a enjoyable day *-* I like step the dry leaves on the street (you make that only when you’re a child, but I really enjoy it C: )
What I most like to do is go out! Spend some time with my friend or just talk on the street. So, if it’s too much hot or cold, I can’t do it! On winter, you are in your house warm yourself; on summer, you are in the fridge trying to turn you on ice 77 maybe, the summer it’s a little better ONLY you can use a pool, but nothing more 88
That’s all! Thanks for read me (:


jueves, 14 de junio de 2012

My OWN bedroom :D

My favorite place in the world is my bedroom, just like teacher.  I’m not copy her, it’s a coincidence xd
When I was a little girl, I had to share the room with my brother. So, we didn’t have space for put the thing that we want o something like that… we only putted on the wall some stickers. A few years ago, my parents build a second floor. Maybe that is the reason because I like my bedroom: because it is mine! I can do whatever I like on it and it’s ok :D

It isn’t big, I mean, it’s normal: I have my bed in a corner, two wardrobes and a closet (it’s like a space on wall and my dad make it for me a closet xd). The walls are completely white, but I drew a sun and thing like that :) From my window, you can see the range, now it’s all snowcapped! I have a little plant and sometime I forget to water it xd I almost forgot! I have a full-length too! *-* 

I'm kind of cazy about it...
The thing that more I like about my bedroom it’s the smell… I’m not kidding! I love aromatic candles: I have big, small, with colors or a shape; and OBVIOUSLY different types of fragrances like citric or chocolate <3 So, if I put a candle on my desk (I have a desk with a chair too! xd), the area nearly there will have the candle’s smell. My bedroom always have a good smell *-*

Finally, here I relax, listen some music (I have a radio and a tv too! And this two are the last thing I forget) and think about my troubles and life… I feel calm when I’m in there C:

jueves, 31 de mayo de 2012

The Entire World

Hi, everyone!
I have to admit that my favorite country it’s Chile… I mean, I don’t know another to compare. Well actually, I went to Bariloche, but it doesn’t count  :S

However, in the hypothetic case that I can go to anywhere, I definitely chose go around the world! But that cost me a lot of money that I don’t have :C So, I would go to India or Italy… I’m not really sure, because I think that each place have its own beauty… I really love see the entire world but this tow are my priority.

At first, I go to Italy, See the Coliseum, Piza’s tower… I mean, all the culture stuff that you can see it’s amazing! And obviously the food *-* ok, I know that I feel awful after eating all the pastas and lasagnas, but it worth it… Just in this case xD

After that, I would like to go to India and learn about the culture, their religion and take me a picture in the Taj Mahal! I want to know how they live and, of course, live there a few months … maybe I can go to Bangladesh, just for a week xd, and see the beautiful landscape (:

No matters where I go, but I would like to enjoy it! Not work or stress… just enjoy the place, the moment, the company… because all this trips I would do with my best friend forever and stuff xd, my little Valeska *-*
Anyway, maybe I will never go out of Chile, but at the end it’s doesn’t matters because I love Chile, and I will see all my beautiful and varied country before know the entire world. See Towers of Paine (I don’t how say it xd), go to Iquique and swim in the night or go to Island of Pascua (it’s so strange D: it's not like this... xd) and, how know! Maybe I will found there MY islander *-* <3
I hope you enjoy! 

jueves, 17 de mayo de 2012

It's not a bad photo at all...

For me, chose just one is so difficult. But the photo that I took with my friends are absolutely the best. This picture in special, it was token when I was still in High school, in my dear Liceo 1. I accept it, I was and I always be Javierina and I’m so proud of that xD Anyway! Every year, we have to do a dance for September. The girls who were doing the last year, can dance whatever they what. Well, my crazy friend Gaby (the one on the center) wanted to prepare the choreography and the music herself. After a few days, she came with the beautiful idea of dance TOBAS… "WTF is that!" I said to her. It's a dace from the Amazonas... She told us that we would go down weight. Obviously we accepted. I really don’t know if was or not a bad idea, but this was the result.
This picture was token when we were presenting the dance to our teacher. I really don’t know who token or when exactly, but it was the perfect moment...On the picture are all my friend, I believe that the one who see just the back is Pancha. I’m the one of the right.
I like this picture because represent a lot of different things: it was my last year, my last presentation, that girls until are my friend even we go to different universities... that day was really moving to me...
Please don’t laugh of the costume... I spend all night to stick all the feathers xDD

jueves, 3 de mayo de 2012

Maybe I'm not a TV fan..

Hi again! :D

OMG! My favorite TV show??  I think it could be "The Big Bang Theory". I like it, but I don't love it :S I really don't know. I try to think one in special and i don't have one! When I see a TV Show, I don't became a fan :S I like a lot of Series and stuff like this, but I don't love it... However, when I was a little girl I love one thing above all the others TV Show.
I must accept that I LOVED Sailor Moon... really!  The protagonist is Serena, who transforms into a magical warrior, Sailor Moon, and his mission is save the Earth and the entire galaxy. She and his friends (also sailors scout) fight against monsters and a lots of enemies. Also, there's a man, Darien, who transforms into a masked protector's Serena (Tuxedo Mask). Darien and Serena fall in love, but just when they're transform. In the real life, she hates him. But they don’t know that they share a ancient history of pain and love, especially love.
I really loved it. I had a doll and I took it with me all the time. It's understandable! Now, if you think about it, in that time, like 12 years ago (I'm so old >< u.u), I believed that in any minute my enchanted prince came to take me and both go away... I was so naive! It's make me laugh now xD 
Thinking a few more, I love the soap opera, in general... If have drama, romance and a woman who is more evil than the devil, I love it! I really don't have an idea for what I love it. Maybe I'm a gossip... Just a few!

I hope you enjoy :) Kisses !
Ps: I forgot put the history of Sailor Moon, so I fixed xD

jueves, 26 de abril de 2012

My Little Cell phone!

Hi everybody!
Last week I didn't post, but today I'll try :D

My favorite piece of technology? Actually, i don't have one especially. I like a lot of thing, but just because they have a sentimental value, as my cell phone or my netbook. I'll Write about my cell phone, if you don't mind!

First, my cell phone. this history is a little tragic, but it could work for don't happen to you too. After I worked all summer, I bought this cellphone just because I think "Oh, it's so pretty!" *-* Really I chose it just for that! I don't understand technology and, even when the guy of the store told that other cellphone was so much better, I chose this one. I don't use it for internet or some difficult stuff, I just listen music and texting my friends. I love this cell phone. A few weeks ago, I lost it u.u In a party, here in the Faculty. Well, it was my fault, I drank a little too much and when I realized I didn't have it D: But I bought another and it's the same cell phone. This one I really care! :D

I don't know why I love it, maybe because it's perfect to me. It's so cute and simple. The characteristics I don't know and don't care xd 

Finally, I use it for listen music! I live far faaaar away from here, and I put the radio on. The one and a half hours of travelling are a little more fun whit my little cell phone :)

I hoe you enjoy and I really hope the picture looks wright :D

jueves, 12 de abril de 2012

A short Story

Hi everybody! It’s a little difficult write about me, but this is my history ;)

I was born 19 years ago in Santiago. I lived on my grandparent’s house until I have 3 years, when my little brother was born. I don’t remember anything about that house, but my mom always says that in the morning (after breakfast) I run to the dog’s house and hide myself until the lunch. Maybe I have something wrong inside me x). Anyway, when my bro, Sebastian, was born, my parents (Ana and José), my brother and I moved to Quilicura. Actually, I still live there.
After that, my mom had to back to work. So let Sebastian with my grandparents (who moves to) and inscribed me in infant school. I met there my first friend: Sabrina. Well, when you have that age make a lot of friends, but when I changed to school she was there too! It’s was so traumatic the first day of class! I didn’t cry because I’m a strong girl, but was it was hard :C. In 7º grade I changed again, but this time was my decision. I was accepted in Liceo 1. I felt so great when my dad called to say me that I did it! There I find my best friends: Vale, Pitu, Gaby and Sara. Well, now we have a little girl more, Sara’s daughter: Anto <3
The final step, the university, was the most difficult thing that I never had to do. My result in PSU wasn’t enough, I had to wait 2 week to know that I’m was accepted to this career and I think that was a perfect moment because I was to worry that my dream didn’t realized.
In my short life, I did a lot of different things and met beautiful people. I’m so thankful for that :D

 (: Thanks for read this!

jueves, 5 de abril de 2012

The first time

I really don't know what to say, but I try :)
My name is Leslie Gonzalez, I'm 19 years and like all of you I study Psychology, or that is what I think I do. In all my life, I never use a blog...Well, I started one in the past, but I don't now what put on there and I just leave it. I hope this works ;)
I love music, a lot. Actually, be a dancer might be a dream that I never completed, that why I like go out to why my fiends to dance all night.
I believe that I have to write about this class. I don't expect anything in particular, just learn a little more and have fun :) If I write something wrong, understand. It's so long that I don't write in inglish.