lunes, 9 de julio de 2012

the last one D:

I don’t know too many thing of my career (that is too sad xD), but even if you don’t study psychology you MUST know who is Sigmund Freud. I don’t admire him, is just like a symbol of this discipline… for good or for bad :)

Freud has born the 6 of May of 1856, on Moravia (actual Czech Republic). After 4 year, he and his family moved to Viena, it is here where he lived all his life until his exile. He created the psychoanalysis, a big change to our discipline. By his own words, the Unconscious is the thirst knock to the mankind, after Copérnico and Darwin… he was an egomaniac person, maybe xD
In my opinion, he was obsessed with the sexual part, all happened because the sexual drive. He considered the children like “polymorphic wicked” and see the kids like that are a little too hard.
What I considered the most important of his theory is the conception of the dream, that you see the entire thing that you repress on you psychic system… I think that is fascinate !

I don’t have anything more to say… so good bye! Thinks for reading and we see on English 4 ( I hope *-*)

Bye dear classmates!

jueves, 5 de julio de 2012

Vamos dibujando el camino (8)

Talk about my favourite artist? Well, I’ve a confession to do:  I always hear say everybody that this music is better than other, and stuff like this. I don’t know too much about it... I grew up listening Cristian Castro xDD So, If I like one song, no matters its style, i’ll listened (:

That is why I like Queen’s songs and David Guetta’Songs... I’ve my limits too: No Justin Bieber or bands of cute boy xdd that is too much, even to me.

This opportunity, I choose 2 artists: Calle 13 and Sin Bandera.
First, the romantic part, I’ll talk about Sin Bandera. This group was composed of a Mexican singer, Leonel García, and an Argentinean singer, Noel Schajris. They made six albums and a lot of romantic and beautiful songs *-* I was little when start to like me :) and all of us know almost one song of them... everybody! xdd they split up on 2007...
My favourite song is “Que me alcance la vida”, of the thirst album “Mañana”. This song was the “soundtrack” (something likes that) of my two graduations... we dedicate it to our parents and I think that it’s so beautiful and emotive. .. it makes me cry :’(
On the other hand, I introduces to you Calle 13. This time, this group is composed of René Pérez, calls Residente *-* <3, and Eduardo Cabrá, Visitante. They make urban music, from dancing songs to song about poorness. The lyrics of their song are so deep and realistic, this world sucks and they say it...The truth is that I love Residente *-* he is perfect <3
This time I’ll show you “Latinoamérica”. I hear it one time and again, and again, and again... I love it: what they say, the rhythm makes you fly or something like that *-* (is too high what I’m saying? xD) 

I put here the video of Latinoamérica, I hope you enjoy it! :D