jueves, 28 de junio de 2012


Omg! Is this post like a “goodbye”? It’s too sad! D:

Sincerely, at first, I didn’t like too much this idea. I’m not creative and don’t remember all what I learn in school. So, it was veeery difficult! I mean, I didn’t used to do my own homework… My best friend did it for me, sometime she did just a half or checked my work. Now she study something with English, I don’t know actually xddd

I believe that I really learn something, maybe not like school, when you memorized a lot of word and you don’t remember anything. But here, I incorporate different words that I didn’t know.  Besides, now we write 200 words and we start with 150 words, right? And we have the same time! I mean, al first it took us more than one hour. In things like this I can see that I really improved my English, not too much, but I do what I can :)
It was funny read my classmate’s post and what we have in common. And it’s a different way of learning, a practical way: I must find different topics or subjects and put it in here in English! I’m still don’t believe it xd

Thinks miss :) 

jueves, 21 de junio de 2012

Flowers, Flower everywhere! :D

My favorite season is spring. I’m not doubt it at all.
Actually, I have to make an explanation: I love “old spring”, I mean when the days was nice, not too hot or too cold; you feel a gentle and nice breeze; at day, you could use a simple jacket and, at the night, was cold enough to get a lovely hug ;)
Now all the seasons are different! D: one time you feel too much cold, like freezing and the next day you can’t stand the heat! It’s horrible ><
Although, there thing of each seasons that I prefer in particular. For example, I love the rain, especially at night, when you are trying to fall asleep. I like those hot day (but not too hot! xd) but there is a breeze and you not feel the heat… it’s a enjoyable day *-* I like step the dry leaves on the street (you make that only when you’re a child, but I really enjoy it C: )
What I most like to do is go out! Spend some time with my friend or just talk on the street. So, if it’s too much hot or cold, I can’t do it! On winter, you are in your house warm yourself; on summer, you are in the fridge trying to turn you on ice 77 maybe, the summer it’s a little better ONLY you can use a pool, but nothing more 88
That’s all! Thanks for read me (:


jueves, 14 de junio de 2012

My OWN bedroom :D

My favorite place in the world is my bedroom, just like teacher.  I’m not copy her, it’s a coincidence xd
When I was a little girl, I had to share the room with my brother. So, we didn’t have space for put the thing that we want o something like that… we only putted on the wall some stickers. A few years ago, my parents build a second floor. Maybe that is the reason because I like my bedroom: because it is mine! I can do whatever I like on it and it’s ok :D

It isn’t big, I mean, it’s normal: I have my bed in a corner, two wardrobes and a closet (it’s like a space on wall and my dad make it for me a closet xd). The walls are completely white, but I drew a sun and thing like that :) From my window, you can see the range, now it’s all snowcapped! I have a little plant and sometime I forget to water it xd I almost forgot! I have a full-length too! *-* 

I'm kind of cazy about it...
The thing that more I like about my bedroom it’s the smell… I’m not kidding! I love aromatic candles: I have big, small, with colors or a shape; and OBVIOUSLY different types of fragrances like citric or chocolate <3 So, if I put a candle on my desk (I have a desk with a chair too! xd), the area nearly there will have the candle’s smell. My bedroom always have a good smell *-*

Finally, here I relax, listen some music (I have a radio and a tv too! And this two are the last thing I forget) and think about my troubles and life… I feel calm when I’m in there C: