jueves, 26 de abril de 2012

My Little Cell phone!

Hi everybody!
Last week I didn't post, but today I'll try :D

My favorite piece of technology? Actually, i don't have one especially. I like a lot of thing, but just because they have a sentimental value, as my cell phone or my netbook. I'll Write about my cell phone, if you don't mind!

First, my cell phone. this history is a little tragic, but it could work for don't happen to you too. After I worked all summer, I bought this cellphone just because I think "Oh, it's so pretty!" *-* Really I chose it just for that! I don't understand technology and, even when the guy of the store told that other cellphone was so much better, I chose this one. I don't use it for internet or some difficult stuff, I just listen music and texting my friends. I love this cell phone. A few weeks ago, I lost it u.u In a party, here in the Faculty. Well, it was my fault, I drank a little too much and when I realized I didn't have it D: But I bought another and it's the same cell phone. This one I really care! :D

I don't know why I love it, maybe because it's perfect to me. It's so cute and simple. The characteristics I don't know and don't care xd 

Finally, I use it for listen music! I live far faaaar away from here, and I put the radio on. The one and a half hours of travelling are a little more fun whit my little cell phone :)

I hoe you enjoy and I really hope the picture looks wright :D

jueves, 12 de abril de 2012

A short Story

Hi everybody! It’s a little difficult write about me, but this is my history ;)

I was born 19 years ago in Santiago. I lived on my grandparent’s house until I have 3 years, when my little brother was born. I don’t remember anything about that house, but my mom always says that in the morning (after breakfast) I run to the dog’s house and hide myself until the lunch. Maybe I have something wrong inside me x). Anyway, when my bro, Sebastian, was born, my parents (Ana and José), my brother and I moved to Quilicura. Actually, I still live there.
After that, my mom had to back to work. So let Sebastian with my grandparents (who moves to) and inscribed me in infant school. I met there my first friend: Sabrina. Well, when you have that age make a lot of friends, but when I changed to school she was there too! It’s was so traumatic the first day of class! I didn’t cry because I’m a strong girl, but was it was hard :C. In 7º grade I changed again, but this time was my decision. I was accepted in Liceo 1. I felt so great when my dad called to say me that I did it! There I find my best friends: Vale, Pitu, Gaby and Sara. Well, now we have a little girl more, Sara’s daughter: Anto <3
The final step, the university, was the most difficult thing that I never had to do. My result in PSU wasn’t enough, I had to wait 2 week to know that I’m was accepted to this career and I think that was a perfect moment because I was to worry that my dream didn’t realized.
In my short life, I did a lot of different things and met beautiful people. I’m so thankful for that :D

 (: Thanks for read this!

jueves, 5 de abril de 2012

The first time

I really don't know what to say, but I try :)
My name is Leslie Gonzalez, I'm 19 years and like all of you I study Psychology, or that is what I think I do. In all my life, I never use a blog...Well, I started one in the past, but I don't now what put on there and I just leave it. I hope this works ;)
I love music, a lot. Actually, be a dancer might be a dream that I never completed, that why I like go out to why my fiends to dance all night.
I believe that I have to write about this class. I don't expect anything in particular, just learn a little more and have fun :) If I write something wrong, understand. It's so long that I don't write in inglish.