jueves, 28 de junio de 2012


Omg! Is this post like a “goodbye”? It’s too sad! D:

Sincerely, at first, I didn’t like too much this idea. I’m not creative and don’t remember all what I learn in school. So, it was veeery difficult! I mean, I didn’t used to do my own homework… My best friend did it for me, sometime she did just a half or checked my work. Now she study something with English, I don’t know actually xddd

I believe that I really learn something, maybe not like school, when you memorized a lot of word and you don’t remember anything. But here, I incorporate different words that I didn’t know.  Besides, now we write 200 words and we start with 150 words, right? And we have the same time! I mean, al first it took us more than one hour. In things like this I can see that I really improved my English, not too much, but I do what I can :)
It was funny read my classmate’s post and what we have in common. And it’s a different way of learning, a practical way: I must find different topics or subjects and put it in here in English! I’m still don’t believe it xd

Thinks miss :) 

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